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Flooring for Rental Properties
Things to Consider

Finding the best flooring solution for a rental property is all about balance as it needs to look good, be durable, low maintenance and also reasonably priced. Below are the things to consider when selecting a suitable flooring for your investment property.


At the top of the list is selecting something that will withstand high traffic, spills and general wear and tear. The best options are hard-wearing hard floorings like luxury vinyl planks or hybrid flooring as well as carpets constructed from synthetic dyed nylons, polyester or triexta yarn, which have stain resistant properties. All flooring, regardless of material or style will need some maintenance to ensure its longevity however, in comparison some flooring products require a little more TLC than others. Products like hybrid and vinyl will require less maintenance than solid timber flooring and nylon and polyester less care than wool carpets.


Of course, you will want your rental property to also look great to attract renters and also want to ensure the tenant has a comfortable home to live in. A neutral colour base will appeal to a wide range of renters as it will help the tenants feel like their own furniture and items will work, regardless of style. It is also important to consider an appropriate colour for the flooring as lighter colours generally show stains more clearly than dark. To disguise the inevitable marks, a flooring option that has variation as a feature such as a distinct grain or pattern in hard flooring and for carpet, this might mean variation in thread colour.


It is important to have a keen eye on the bottom line when renovating an investment property, so finding a balance between quality and cost is key. At Carpet Connect we can assist with this and we have some excellent products on the lower end of the scale in terms of cost in most styles of flooring. Our wide range of flooring covers all styles and budgets.

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