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Tips to make a home look and feel more spacious.

For homes that are modestly sized or for the standard sized apartments and units there are options to consider in order to create the illusion of space making your home look and feel more spacious. Here’s how flooring comes into play. 

  • There are a few factors which influence how we perceive the size of a room or the space within it and light is a major factor. Dark colours in terms of flooring can draw our eyes down, which in turn defines the boundaries of a room and influences the viewer’s perception of the room’s width and depth. So, you can imagine in a small room darker colour flooring would enclose the room as these colours also absorb the natural light. Keeping this in mind, the recommendation is to opt for lighter colours when selecting both hard and soft flooring, which will seemingly open the room and reflect natural light rather than absorb it.
  • New technology allows for the same flooring to run through the whole home with the use of certain Hybrid and Vinyl hard flooring creating a seamless look as it flows from living areas to wet areas. This visually allows the eye to glide through the rooms without a visual stoppage increasing the opportunity for you to create that seamless look throughout the whole home.
  • The actual size of the Hybrid or Vinyl timber or timber-look board will also influence the feeling or perception of space too. Larger boards have an amazing visual appeal especially in contemporary homes with generous rooms and space, as well as homes that are open plan in style. For homes that are modestly sized the larger size timber or timber-look board can help visually create the illusion of space. It is also important to note that wider boards will create less of a distraction to the eye as there are minimal lines and seams.
  • To make a home look and feel more spacious consider the above tips regarding colour choice, making use of living spaces that flow directly into other spaces and consider the ‘bigger picture’ plan for your flooring.
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