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Tasmanian Oak

1860 x 80 x 18mm
1860 x 90 x 18mm
1860 x 125 x 18mm
Janka: 14
German Water Base Anti-Scratch Finish
25 Years Residential Warranty
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Tasmanian Oak is a high quality Australian hardwood that encompasses three varieties of trees in the mountainous sections of southeast New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. This versatile and sturdy timber is very well suited for many applications, including panelling, joinery, boxes and crates and the manufacturing of plywood as well as flooring.
Tasmanian Oak is a warm and quite resilient timber that has excellent staining qualities producing a remarkably beautiful finish. It makes for a light coloured solid hardwood timber flooring that is very fresh and inviting with a mix of pale to light brown and cream colours to suit any decor. Quite often Tasmanian Oak is marketed under the trade name Victorian Ash because there is very little difference between the two. Overall Tasmanian Oak is more mixed and sometimes slightly darker than Victorian Ash, but both are very similar in appearance, strength and durability, and both consistently produce beautiful timber floors.


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