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AU Grey Ironbark

1860 x 80 x 18mm
1860 x 90 x 18mm
1860 x 125 x 18mm
Janka: 14
German Water Base Anti-Scratch Finish
25 Years Residential Warranty
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Grey Ironbark is one of the hardest timber species monetarily accessible around the world. This intense timber is a prestigious Australian Eucalyptus on account of its extraordinary quality, as well as due to its alluring interlocked grain and rich ruddy tans. Making it perfect for not simply flooring in high-movement territories but rather for development materials where thickness and toughness like cross-arms, utility shafts, and designing ventures. Also, Grey IronBark is a prevalent decision for bows and arrows fans as a result of its solidness in confronting the rigours of being hung into a bowed shape.
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