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Engineered timber is a pre-finished range of timber flooring that has all the natural beauty and characteristics of solid timber floor, but the boards consist of more than one layer composed of a timber veneer or lamination surface layer sitting on a high density core. Engineered flooring products also offer protective UV resistant coatings so it assures it maintains its great looks over it’s recommended life time. They can be used directly on concrete floor finishes and being pre-finished there is no site stabilising time or messy sanding and sealer coating. With an engineered floor you can have the wood delivered, laid, and be walking on all in the same day.

The top layer of an engineered timber board (or wear layer) is solid wood, usually hardwood coated with and may be anything from 2mm to 6mm thick. The thickest wear layers are equivalent to those on solid timber boards. What most people fail to realise is that a quality piece of engineered hardwood can be re-sanded and re-finished as many times as solid hardwood. There is often an assumption that because solid hardwood is, well solid wood, it can be re-finished or re-sanded all the way to the bottom however, that is simply not true.

New technology has enabled the production of much wider engineered boards offering boards of up to 30cms wide which exposes more of the wood’s natural textures. Wider boards can make a feel more spacious and will give a home an open plan look. There is also an application of a variety of interesting variations and finishes, which reduces the demand for exotic species since their rich colours can now be simulated with the use of oils, heat, and pressure.


  • Quick and clean installation process
  • Can be sanded and polished multiple times
  • Outstanding colour variations, styles, finishes and widths available
  • Can offer anti-parasitic properties, scratch and UV resistant coatings
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