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Black Sea

Clever Choice Superior Hybrid – Black Sea

*** Highly Realistic Visuals:Extraordinary detail and embossed texture mimic the look and feel of natural hardwood.

*** Ultimate Durability:These floors stand up to the toughest challenges, including heavy appliances, pets, cleats and high heels. Floors keep looking new, year after year.

*** 100% Waterproof:Barock effortlessly defeats spills and stains. Install it in any room, even kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms and basements. When exposed to water Clever Choice Hybrid will not swell, buckle or lose integrity.

*** Easy Installation:Locking planks with an attached IXPE underlay allows for smooth placement over subfloors with some irregularities. No acclimation is needed.

*** Finishing Touches:Complete your luxury flooring look with coordinating trim, available to match each flooring design. Multi-purpose trim, stair nose and end caps create smooth transitions between adjoining floors and stylishly finish the edges of stairs, step-downs and landings.

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